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Rebel Mama X UNCUFFED Leather Winter White Scrunchie Belt with Removable Chain

GET EXCITED. The winter white Rebel Mama x UNCUFFED Leather capsule collection is finally here! Fall in love with your closet all over again by reimagining your clothing with one of four key pieces from our styling tool kit!

  • Pin buckle closure
  • Concealed elastic for stretch and comfort 
  • Removable nickel-plated brass chain
  • Lamb leather/bridle leather
  • Made in Toronto (with ♥)

This belt is as chic as it is versatile. Hidden elastic allows it to be worn two ways—cinching your natural waist or slung around your hips—while the chain can be removed for a more streamlined look. 

    *Sustainability is extremely important to use, which means that every item is made custom per order, and will be shipped within 4 weeks.

    $258.00 USD
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