The UNCUFFED woman is stylish, but not defined by trends. She’s bold, unapologetic, and fearless—just like designer and founder Olga Barsky, whose success stems from undaunted determination and passion.     

As a Russian immigrant who arrived in Canada unable to speak the language and grew up in a low-income household, Olga’s dream of becoming a designer seemed out of reach. Undeterred, she channeled her artistic prowess into visual art, winning awards and getting recognized as an artist to watch. By the end of high school, she had sold most of her works to a major broadcaster; to this day, her paintings pop up in TV shows and movies.  

This predilection to visual art eventually expanded into film school and fostered a deep dive into feminist cinema. Performative femininity and the female gaze were oft-explored themes in Olga’s student films, and remain at the forefront of UNCUFFED’s most sought-after pieces years later. 

Upon completing a BFA in Film Production, Olga’s combined love for storytelling and aesthetics led her to the costume design department. While the work was fulfilling and steady, her childhood dream of becoming a designer consumed her. Frustrated that she was unable to find unique, edgy, and comfortable accessories that she herself wanted to wear, and dealing in a market that lacked sustainably produced leather goods...it was time to make a move. She spent the following three years saving, learning and building her first collection, piece by piece.  

From her studio nestled in Toronto’s gay village, Olga’s pieces have reached the pages of Italian Vogue, Elle, Paper, W and more. They’ve been worn by Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Gigi Hadid and shot by Steven Klein. They’ve toured the world with Elle King, attended Paris Fashion Week with Rita Ora, and made their television debut on Drag Race's sparkliest contestants and judges. Most recently, they were donned by Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey, and kicked some pretty major ass. 

Olga owes everything to her own hustle, the most encouraging family, friends, and mentors. Self-made and self-possessed, Olga hopes that UNCUFFED will not only empower women to find a unique spin on their style, but to harness both fantasy and fashion to realize their own dreams.