We strive honor traditional leather-working techniques and take a lot of pride in our leatherwork and hand stitching. Shortcuts aren’t part of our practice; we’ll never use glue in place of stitches to bind together our accessories or leave edges unfinished (unless it’s part of the look). We care deeply not only about how our products look but how they wear. We want to ensure that we’re putting out a product that will stand the test of time.

Looking to the future is what we do, and we’re pretty damn excited about innovation in the world of fashion and tech. Currently, you'll find a selection of laser-cut accessories, most notably laser-cut leather bandanas, which have become a brand staple. 

We’re also excited to report that we’ve just approved the first round of our new glove samples featuring a brand new touchscreen technology. This technology is an all-natural solution that gets applied to our leather directly, meaning the ENTIRE glove is reactive!


Our vegetable-tanned leather is sourced exclusively from small, family-owned and -operated tanneries in Belgium that prioritize sustainability and humane farming practices. Our lamb leather is sourced from the UK and Italy, and it’s the softest, thinnest, and most durable leather that we’ve yet to find on the market. No matter where our materials come from, we only use leather that is a by-product of the food industry. 

We want the world to know that we are always testing out sustainable faux leather options, but as of now, we have yet to find anything that we feel comfortable using for production and that won't fall apart in a couple of years. That said, we're still searching near and far to find a sustainable leather option that matches the structural integrity and lifespan of real leather.


We’re based in Toronto, Canada, and are committed to keeping 100% of our production right here at home! We work closely with an incredible woman-owned team of garment engineers who are passionate about slow fashion and inclusivity in the workplace. Over the years, they’ve become an integral part of the UNCUFFED family, and we thank our lucky stars every day that we get to work with a factory that shares our value system in an industry that is known to turn a blind eye. 


UNCUFFED loves to play with binaries, straddling the line between hard and soft, feminine and masculine, edgy and romantic. We believe that it’s these beautiful tension points where the magic happens, and where our design process truly begins.

From there, our imagination takes us anywhere and everywhere from moody Berlin sex clubs to breezy Venice Beach sunsets. Most importantly, our biggest inspiration has always been, and will always be - women who live life fearlessly and unapologetically.