When it comes to leather goods, process is EVERYTHING. 


UNCUFFED is a brand that is very much built on and plays with binaries, straddling the line between hard and soft, feminine and masculine, edgy and romantic. As such, we strive to honor traditional leather working techniques and take a lot of pride in our leather work and hand stitching. We don’t take short cuts. You’ll never use glue in place of stitches to bind together our accessories or leave edges unfinished (unless it’s part of the design). We care deeply not only about how our products look, but how they wear. And want to ensure that we’re putting out a product that will stand the test of time.

At the same time, we’re always looking at the future and get excited about innovation. We currently offer a selection of laser cut products.


Our vegetable-tanned leather is sourced exclusively from smaller, family owned and operated tanneries in Belgium which prioritize sustainability and humane farming practices.

Our lamb leather comes from the UK and Italy, and is the softest, most durable and thinnest that we’ve yet to find on the market.

It should also be noted that we only use leather that’s a byproduct of the food industry.

We’re currently testing out sustainable faux leather options but have yet to find something that we feel comfortable using for production.


We’re based in Toronto, Canada and are committed to keeping 90% of our production right here. We work closely with an incredible woman-owned team of garment engineers who are passionate about slow fashion and inclusivity in the work place, and consider them an intricate part of our UNCUFFED family.


Our design is informed by functionality as much as aesthetic beauty.

We offer a permanent collections, seasonal capsules and a small assortment of bespoke designs for our more adventurous customers.



A brand that celebrates individuality, fearlessness/boldness/ empowerment/power and sexuality